• Amelia Bree

    Amelia Bree

    Mousy, messy-haired, and unassuming.
  • Boss Rotgut

    Boss Rotgut

    A massive and hideous half-orc who is over 8ft tall and covered in bulging muscles.
  • Duma


    The prodigy of the Rushing Waters clan from southern Darinshar
  • Krelmonite


    The young street-rat of the shadows.
  • Nisharri


    The matron of the Rushing Waters Clan of Catfolk in southern Darinshar
  • Onnai Maihar

    Onnai Maihar

    A tall and ethereal, this male elf has glowing violet blue eyes and is surrounding by a faint aura of purple energy.
  • Teysa


    Priestess of Pelor, Exarch of Bane, Prophet of the Renewal and Scion of the Gods