Umber Sea

The Umber Sea
An archipelago of islands, large and small, is all that’s left of the ancient Three Kingdoms which once bordered the Umber Bay. The cataclysm separated Varis in two and left the fragments of humanity to cling to the islands for safety.

200 years later, the Umber Sea is a bustling region, reclaimed by humanity and others and the islands are now home to growing kingdoms, fiefs, and city-states. Since the Orc War, the isles of the Umber Sea have known a lasting peace thanks to the Federation of Kingdoms of which most Umber Sea nations are members.

With sea lanes filled with commerce and philosophical and animist traditions taking the place of the vanished gods, only a few lingering political tensions and piracy threaten the region’s stability.

Federation of Kingdoms Members





New Bretyn

The Lyceum

Non-aligned States


Trader Isles


Temple of Jinn

Empire of Lumia


Minor Players

These towns or states have very little political influence, regardless of their allegiances.



Umber Sea

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