The Lyceum

Established in the years after the Cataclysm by the archmage Jordan Ray’an. The Lyceum is located in a flying castle that travels across Varis providing assistance to needy communities as well as providing training to the majority of young Mages. The Lyceum is more than a school, it functions as a highly respected mobile embassy and was founded by the Archmage to help establish peace across Varis.

Today, the Lyceum is run by the Speaker’s Council; a group comprised of the most accomplished Mages associated with the Lyceum.

Game Information:

Most human and Catfolk Wizards and Sorcerers are trained in either the Lyceum itself or by Lyceum associated Mages.

Character Backgrounds

These are a few example backgrounds for those from the Lyceum:

The Prodigy

As a child given to the Lyceum, you spent your days studying under the most knowledgeable and powerful Mages on Varis. Due to your latent skills your instructors expected great results and your days were spent developing your magical talents and focus.

Character Traits: Gifted Adept: +1 trait bonus to the caster level of ONE known spell at first level and Focused Mind: +2 trait bonus on Concentration checks

The Scholar Your life in the Lyceum was one of intense study. While you may not have been a prodigy, your hard work has paid off and you are the most knowledgeable pupil of your class. Even older, established, Mages sometimes seek you out for your knowledge.

Traits: Pick two knowledge skills. You gain a +1 inherent trait bonus to them and they always count as class skills for you.

The Lyceum

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