New Bretyn

New Bretyn exists on the hard edge of a knife, beset on all sides by implacable foes. Regardless, this northern kingdom of men is a wild and beautiful land of bleak and lonely moors, rugged hills and mountains, deep bogs and frigid swamps, and dark, primeval forests.

The Kingdom is bound by two rivers: the Stromedar and the Cromthail. The rapid meltwaters of these two rivers form a natural and dangerous barrier that helps protect New Bretyn from attackers during the warm months of spring and summer. Only a few settlements cling to existence beyond these two natural boundaries.

The men of New Bretyn are a hardy and rugged race of large stature and fair features and while often thought of as harsh and barbaric by their southern cousins, they are a people blessed with stubborn loyalty and the fierce determination to turn back the evils lurking beyond the fragile lights of civilization.

Capital: Blackpool







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The coinage minted in New Bretyn has the portrait of the current king’s dead father, King Barclay Mac Hume. Gold pieces are called Sovereigns, silver pieces are Nobles, and copper pieces are Bits.


While there are large numbers of smaller, lesser noble families there are 7 Great Houses of Bretonian Nobility. These families control most of the wealth and power in the Kingdom. The alliances and feuds between these Houses shapes the direction of New Bretyn.

House Bourne

House Rothe

House Mac Hume

House MacCaillan

House Taggart

House Allaway

House Kerr


Old Bretyn was conquered by the Orcs. New Bretyn was founded on the ashes of the orcish empire of Garvelloch and has existed for nearly 140 years.

New Bretyn

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