There are many traditions of magic in Varis and many ways of achieving power.

With the coming of The Chains, contact with the divine has been radically warped. Today’s clerics don’t draw power from the Gods, rather – they draw power from themselves and ideals – sometimes without even realizing it.

Ley Lines

Veins of energy that pulse beneath the crust of the earth, Ley Lines are conduits of natural power that can augment certain types of magic. During the Cataclysm, the ley lines ripped in may places causing great devastation. This ripping is what tore the continent of Varis apart.

Arcane Magic

Earthly magic, elementalism, etc. The magic of Mages is still uncommon across Varis. Though concentrations vary depending on the region.

In general, Varisian humans are predisposed to suspicion about magic and yet some are drawn to it. Most common folk distrust those they think are “arcane” magic users, superstitions about deals with devils, witchcraft, and other dark pacts holds strong in the small towns and villages but in the more cosmopolitan cities Mages are often seen as an interesting curiousity so long as they don’t appear dangerous.

Plainsmen are far more distrusting of Mages, seeing their powers as being influenced by Daemar.

Daemar see magic as a thing of beauty but deadly, like a venomous snake. Only those up to the responsibility should be allowed to wield it. These notions were forged in battle with their human enemies and they view themselves as the only beings responsible enough to wield magic safely.

Ilthar appreciate magic simply for being magical and they view those who use it as artists who long for self-expression through their art. They worry that humans will once more fail to use the gift properly; for it was a human who brought so much hurt to Varis.

Dwarves, though mistrusting of most things they cannot touch and feel, are pragmatic about magic. It is a tool that can make their lives easier and as such magic users are respected in their communities but are expected to do their share of work, even if that work is different than the average axe-wielding, mining dwarf.

Orcs see magic that does not inflict pain or wound foes as weak and worthless, few orcs can master arcane magic but those who do are highly respected though also highly feared by their tribes – but only if they can use their magic in battle.

Catfolk have little to do with organized magical traditions, Catfolk Mages are generally born with the gift and develop it over the course of their lives. Because of this, Catfolk tend to view these Mages as gifted or blessed in someway by Nature Spirits and a useful member of their clans.

Conjuration Changes

The Chains don’t just block the divine, they block most traditional summoning spells as well.

Divine Magic

Homebrew Cleric

Clerics gain the Sorcerer spells known and spell progression. Their domain spells are added to their spells known permanently.


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