The vast and mysterious realm of Ilthas, home of the Ilthar, is almost completely unknown to non-elves as only a few are honored enough to be invited to visit.

The forest of Ilthas is ancient and willful but the Ilthar have lived in harmony with the forest since they arrived after the exodus. The forest itself is suffused in a magic far older than even the elves. Old ruins, leftovers from the original Althar Kingdom, which stretched across Varis, are scattered beneath the boughs of the gigantic Heartwood trees. These ruins, some filled with ancient magics and treasures, are often hidden by the forest itself; overtaken by thousands of years of growth. Though the forest is temperate, and snow falls each winter, wild flowers bloom year round.

The architecture of the elves exemplifies the pinnacle of architectural ingenuity and integration. The Ilthar use both living and non-living pieces in their buildings. The palace of the Daerun family is an ideal example of such architecture. The majority of the palace is made up of pale white marble. Runes and decorations adorn the walls and doors of the palace, engraved with platinum and silver. The numerous towers and spires that rise hundreds of feet up from the marble buildings are living Heartwood trees that the elves have carved and grown into beautiful homes. Entire families live within opulent apartments and in many cases never descend from the canopy and into the city below.

Each city in Ilthas is run as an independent city-state with each monarch in turn owing complete allegiance to the Regent (or 1st Family, before their disappearance) in matters of national importance. The Ilthar generally do not use a heavy-handed approach to governing, allowing the people to come to them for counsel rather than handing down laws and restrictions. There are only 2 written laws in Ilthar:

1) Live in Harmony with All

2) Respect and Protect Nature




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