The Highland is a huge swath of northern Varis covered in snow-covered, imposing mountains, thic and eerie evergreen forests, rocky foothills, and rolling moors. Rugged and dangerous, the cold northern reaches of Varis have never been tamed. Isolated dwarven holds and citadels hide deep in the towering Highlands but giants, orcs, and darker creatures hold much of the harsh territory and much of the land remains unexplored.

Since the great disaster of the Cataclysm gouged massive canyons through the earth of the Highlands, some of these are several miles deep and wide, which makes it nearly impossible for people to easily travel and large areas that were previously known have become effectively unreachable.

Civilization clings tenaciously to the region however and the northernmost of these civilizations is the impenetrable mountain city Azduum, seat of the High Thane, rises high above Galdheim – homeland of the dwarves. From Galdheim a series of keeps and fortresses protect the Adamantine Road that winds through the mountains until it finally reaches the reclaimed human kingdom of New Bretyn which hugs the southern coast, along the Umber Sea.

The peace of the south has never fully held in these dangerous lands. The dwarves of Galdheim, the humans of New Bretyn, and the barbarian clans must deal with raids and wars with the dangerous orcs, their goblin slaves, and the giants.


The Adamantine Road

New Bretyn


The Black Tower



The Trossachs

The Fatacs

The High Moor

The Great Vale

The Liath Morass


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