The Catfolk republic of Darinshar was built on a large, heavily-forested island in the southern Umber Sea. There are no large cities on Darinshar, the catfolk have returned to a pastoral form of living with extended family units (Clans) living in small towns and villages where they hunt and farm, having minimal contact with the human kingdoms.

Darinshar is one of the closest countries to Ilthas and the Ilthar and catfolk have very warm relations due to their similar respect for the natural world.


Darinshar catfolk live closely with nature and are a deeply spiritual people who revere wild nature spirits. Their government could be loosely described as a “Tribal Republic”. Villages and towns are generally made up of multiple catfolk clans and each clan has a number of elders that it looks to for guidance.

Each clan’s elder’s elect one of their member to be part of the Village Assembly which governs the village, mediates disputes, etc.

This pattern continues as well for national governance, every few months to a year each village elects an elder to go to a Folkmoot where problems affecting the entire island are discussed and solutions are voted on.


Darinshar was founded as a hidden village in Blyth forest about 200 years ago, it was a place for the persecuted catfolk of ancient Arran to live true to their heritage – living a tribal existence and living from hunting, gathering, and agriculture.

After the Cataclysm sank most of Arran, the vast tracts of Blyth forest remained above the sea. Despite the fact that they survived the cataclysm Darinshar’s trouble had only just begun. Blyth forest was filled with dangerous, often demonic creatures and the catfolk fought to survive against the remnants of the demonic forces that nearly broke the worlds but they eventually triumphed over the demonic remnants and spread out across the island, building villages and settlements.

During the intervening years, Darinshar has stayed neutral and extremely cautious about the human nations which survived. Their only real contact with the human nations was to send search parties to find disaffected catfolk that survived with the humans and bring them “home” to Darinshar.

After the Orc Wars, Darinshar opened up slightly and began to trade with the humans and established good relations with Ilthas.


Darinshar still maintains few ties to the human kingdoms and many catfolk there still view humans with distrust mingled with anger over their past enslavement. The country has little contact with the dwarves of the distant Highlands but maintains good relations with Ilthas.

Darinshar catfolk also have ties with some gnomes settlements and have generally good relations with those gnomes whose isolated enclaves exist deep within the darkest forests of the island.

Orc slave ships raided Darinshar many times during and before the Orc Wars and as such most catfolk loathe orcs, attacking them on sight.




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