Embittered isolationists, the militaristic Daemar are unlike their Ilthar cousins in many ways. The Daemar despise humanity and see them as little more than ignorant and primitive creatures incapable of understanding the greater truths of life. More than anything, however, they view them as a threat to their very values and way of life, a corrupt force that can never live in peace with the world around them.

Once part of the Althar Kingdom, the Daemar split with those who dwelled in Ilthas when humans first began settling Varis. Then, all the Althar were unsettled by the human’s use of slaves and their need to seek mastery over nature, ripping the riches of the world forth instead of living in harmony. But those who would be called Daemar advocated the destruction of the humans immediately while those who would become Ilthar advocated education and interference to bring humanity onto a better path.

The rift between the two grew wider with each passing year until the Althar Kingdom disintegrated.

They warred against the Humans and their great and mysterious powers swept any Human resistance away as they called the forces of nature and the eldritch whims of magic to their aid. It is a historical fact that, were it not for the intercession of the Ilthar, humanity would have become extinct on Varis.

They fought another war with humanity just before the Cataclysm after their Queen was kidnapped by the vile Algamond the Burning. They proved victorious in this war as well, exterminating humanity in a widening swath of southern Cumbria until the Cataclysm occurred and the Brimstone Heroes returned their Queen.


The Daemar have few relations with any other race on Varis and see the newcomer races as pests and threats. The only relation the Daemar have is with the Ilthar, who act as a moderating force on Daemar aggression. As a whole, however, many Daemar feel betrayed by the Ilthar and believe that their cousins in Ilthas and their peace will bring doom to the continent.


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