Aeronwen, the City of Masks, the City of Dreams

The glimmering metropolis of Aeronwen, capital of ancient Cumbria and easily the greatest city-state in the Umber Sea. Called the City of Masks by visitors and residents alike. Known for its great wealth and refined tastes. The City of Masks is also known for public masquerades and private balls put on by the obscenely wealthy merchant class, as well as the thieves and cutpurses who pursue their trades.

Originally built at the junction of three rivers before the Cataclysm but now sits where two of those rivers meet the Umber Sea. The city stretches out for miles and the dominant means of transportation is via the thousands of canals and waterways that flow through the city.


Aeronwen’s great wealth and power is driven by trade and the city’s laws and policies are favorable to commerce with a rather laissez-faire approach to regulation. While there are no property taxes, fees are charged for access to canals, sanitation, and other public infrastructure.


Aeronwen is governed by a council of 12 Guild Leaders who act as High Councilors and 48 Lower Councilors.


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