Varis: The War of the Brand

Red Steel

Krelmonite and Barnabus spent the day in the market, Barnabus mingling with the beggars and Krelmonite attempting to restore his ransacked shop and peddle some jewels. The orc brute Nod makes a pass at Krelmonite’s shop and informs him that Lord Bourne demands his presence that evening.

At sunset, the two gnomes head to the Bourne manor where they are given their first mission: to steal the outstanding debt owed to Bourne by the shopkeeper Royce. They arrive that night to find the place guarded by a few mercenaries and a vicious-looking dog. A little too eager to get the mission started, Krelmonite literally bangs his head against the wall trying to scale up the nearby apartments to the rooftops. Barnabus takes pity on the boy and builds him a bridge using starlight. Once on the roof, Krelmonite gets his footing back and skips easily across the tiles. Barnabus, with his lame leg, isn’t as nimble and almost gets them caught, until they both pull of a couple distracting illusions to divert the guards and their mutt.

They finally reach the roof of the shop and easily slide down the chimney, filling the apartment with ash and soot. Just as they’re searching the place for some treasure, the master of the house makes his way up the stairs. Barnabus dives under the bed while Krelmonite hides in the armoire. Unfortunately, the ash gives them away and a fight breaks out between the two gnomes and the master and his mageling. The mage knocks Krelmonite out and it looks bad for the gnomes until Lyla and Cutter burst in the house to save their asses. Lyla grabs the gnomes and the treasure as Cutter mops up the mooks. Needless to say, the Boss isn’t happy, but he forgives them for now.


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