Priestess of Pelor, Exarch of Bane, Prophet of the Renewal and Scion of the Gods


Upon realizing the truth behind her struggles, Teysa accepted the mantle of power granted by Bane and became his exarch. With the help of her companions, she moved to eliminate her adversary and prove herself worthy as a vessel for the divine. Through impressive displays of power to miraculous effect, powerful sermons and zealous diplomacy, she rallied many under her banner to aid in her purging of the corrupt Seropaenes and his misguided order. The followers of her new religious sect, aimed at restoring peace and renewing the world by purging sin, gathered to throw off the shackles of Seropaenian oppression. Combined with carefullly crafted allegiances with the kingdom of Caedwyr and the remaining Templar of Whitecastle, this ragtag army moved upon Woegard, home of Seropaenes Silverbrow and his contemptful elite of sycophants.

Led by her unwavering resolve and fueled by her righteous conviction, the army swept the island and defeated the remnants of the Order, whilst Teysa rained down biblical devastation upon the island and its fortifications. The elite officers were hunted down and executed, and Teysa made her way into the battered fortress of Woegard for her final showdown with Silverbrow himself. The sky itself ripped open as the chosen of Bane battled one another. With her newly forged divine pact, Teysa had finally purged the world of this corruption. This, she promised her followers, was only the first step in the Gods’ great plan of renewal.

Establishing her base of operations on the smolders of Silverbrow’s failure, Teysa’s influence swelled and none doubted the power of her words, lest they face the wrath of the Gods themselves. She continued to travel to the kingdoms preaching her sermon of purgation and salvation. She established missions on several neighboring islands from the newly settled Woegard, spreading her sect to the savage, uncivilized nations living in the archipelago. Soon enough, she had whipped her following into a pious frenzy and called upon them to fulfill their duty to their Gods and begin cleansing the world of sin and those who commit it willfully. Salvation was offered to those who would repent and aid in the renewal, those who refused were purged. Island after island’s culture was scoured as her grip on the area tightened. Though her numbers were small, her incredibly powerful blessed armaments devastated anyone who stood in the way of her and her chosen.

With the island chain having firmly submitted to her divine right, Teysa made the capital of her new empire the newfound island of Caelum, the Heaven Stair. There, in the center of the island chain, she built the throne of the empire that was to come: a temple carved out of marble and stone, hundreds of feet high, stood as monument to her purity, tribute to the Gods and inspiration to their ideals. It is a multi-storied winding white marble building with a series of balconies and an open ceiling that sits in front of a kneeling angel statue whose arms are outstretched and palms open towards the sky in prayer. Its wings curve around to wrap the side of the building in its protection.

Having secured and expanded her borders without infringing on existing neighboring kingdoms, Teysa set her eyes upon the mainland. In an arrogant display of divine authority and inscrutability she raised a land bridge from her capital to the coastline of the main continent as both an invitation to new followers as well as any enemies who would dare to challenge her. She built a port city and trading post along the coast that would be a foothold of her new empire and a means to travel and communicate between her empire and the other governed civilizations.

The priestess and would-be empress Teysa rules over her empire of devoted disciples with an iron fist. When the chains of Tharisden rose to encircle the world, Teysa felt her power wane, but she was still imbued with a great deal of her deity’s power. While many peoples lost hope and despaired, she kept her people strong, declaring herself as the last remaining light of hope and salvation on this earth and that the chains were a test of their faith. This drove more and more vulnerable citizens and nomads to the holy shelter she had established within the confines of Lumia. She vowed to protect them from the darkness that was to come, so that together they could gather strength from faith, in order to return the light to the world and restore peace and beauty. She had her suspicions of those responsible, and she cast them unto an as of yet faceless entity which has had its roots of corruption in this world for centuries. She made efforts to hunt down Aaron and his dark master as well as reclaim the other artifacts which she had previously abandoned upon the wish of her Lord.

Teysa has ceased imperial expansion for the time being, the connection to her power hungry lord Bane having been severed. She instead focuses on tracking down the remnants of evil and sin within the world and purging them. She has settled into an at times uncomfortable but willing alliance with the kingdoms of Caedwyr and Bretyn in response to the Orcish invasion and hopes to annihilate the impure and savage Orcs once and for all. She and her inquisitors have eyes all around the world, and she looks into the affairs of the other continents, acting if she deems it necessary to further her goals. She has heard of this so-called God Emperor and she has heard of no other divine exarch or immortals residing in the mortal realm since her last communication with Bane, she highly suspects him to be an imposter and traitor to his people, but intends to see for herself when she has the resources available. She remains on the hunt for the remaining Shards of the Sun and the sinister forces acting outside of her omniscience.


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