The War of the Brand

It’s an age of peace for Varis but across the sea a dark force casts a covetous gaze on the continent. A group of unlikely people gather in Ilthas, unaware of the dangers approaching.

Setting of Varis

• The continent of Varis exists in the world of Edda, a world of powerful natural spirits and distant deities. In the beginning of time the Gods and Primordials fought over the world. The spirits of the world rose to its own defense, blocking the Gods and Primordials from entering Edda directly.

• 50 years ago a chain of runes flashed into existence across the sky and remains to this day, visible at night as a softly luminescent runes. All communication with the gods and all planar travel has been blocked. No one knows the cause of the Chains appearance, nor how it functions but scholars have spent their lives researching the subject. Without the gods, the world has begun searching for material and philosophical answers to their questions.

• Varis is a continent of immigrants and there have been tensions in the past with the native residents. As a general rule the civilized races of Varis have long histories of conflict, especially the elves and humans. The past 100+ years of peace may have helped to soothe open wounds but there is still a danger of misunderstandings and future conflict.

• Except for the Giants and the Elves all sentient races have emigrated to Varis within the last 600 years. In the past hundred years many refugees have come from the continent of Calmar, which is ruled by a reputed God, have arrived in Varis. These new refugees mostly live among the humans in the Umber Sea region.

• 170 years ago the world was torn asunder by powerful magic, called the Cataclysm, that fractured civilization. Varis became a vast archipelago. The world became more deadly and dangers overwhelmed most of the last remaining settlements – only in the past hundred years has the civilized world begun growing stronger and pushing back against the wilds. Civilization has slowly begun reclaiming the ruins of their ancestral homes.

Varis: The War of the Brand

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